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General information

The Sinai Peninsula is situated in the Northeast of Egypt. It has an area of about 60.000 sq. km and connects the continents of Africa and Asia.
Sinai is bounded on the East by the Gulf of Suez, on the West by the Gulf of Aqaba, North by the Mediterranean Sea.
South Sinai is dominated by rugged granite mountains with a max height of 2642m.

The climate is generally hot and dry.
There is very little rainfall in the Sinai, especially in the South.
During rainstorms the wadis ( dry riverbeds ) might fill with water within minutes and floods wash down towards the sea.
There is usually wind from North/Northwest.

The official language of Egypt is Egyptian-Arabic. In tourist centers English is widely understood and spoken.

Islam is the religion of Egypt. There is a minority of around 6 Mill. Copts ( the Egyptian Christians ) living all over Egypt.

The native population of Sinai are the Bedouins, some seminomadic tribes. Most of the clans got settled along the coast during the last 15 years.
Due to the fast growing tourism industry people from all over the Egyptian main land are moving into Sinai in search of work.

Large areas along the coast are declared National Parks, to name only the famous Ras Muhammad. All the reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba are protected by law and it is strictly forbidden to break or collect corals and shells.
The Egyptian government recently declared mountain areas nature reserve to protect the local fauna and flora.

Local currency is the Egyptian Pound. US$ 1 = LE 18,00

A one month visa is being issued at the airport Sharm-el-Sheikh or Cairo for US$ 25;